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Best Time To Sell Your House in Memphis

The age old dilemma with selling your house is picking the right time to do it. House selling is typically seasonal, but there are other factors at play that can influence when is the best time to sell, and some are lesser known. The Home Selling/Buying Season The best time to sell your house is […]

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How to sell your house in Memphis without a realtor

Although realtors are the default option when it comes to selling your home, it isn't always necessary and you may sometimes be better off NOT using a realtor and going the traditional route. In some situations, like if you're under a tight timeline such as foreclosure, then listing your house on the MLS might take […]

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I'm a real estate agent in Memphis, TN, and I focus on not only market-ready properties for sellers and buyers, but I am an investor in the area. I'll share with you what I think about the Memphis market and how to properly invest in a home, whether it's for you or as an investment vehicle.
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